College Mission and Vision


To strengthen and sharpen the overall personality of the students in such a manner that they would be assets to the college , society , nation as well as the whole world.


  1. To provide the quality education through innovative methods and technology .
  2. To inculcate moral values in the women from all strata of life
  3. To maintain effectiveness of quality through proper utilization of available resources . 

Objectives of our institution

 Defined as per the alphabets used in the name of the college:INDIRA GANDHI MAHILA MAHAVIDYALAYA


I : Inculcate dignity of labour and hard work .          

N : Nationalism through extracurricular activities .

D : Discipline in life

I : Infusion of the spirit of discipline .

R : Respect for all .

A : Academic and Professional courses .


G : Glorify the nations .

A : Assisting students with all the Aids available in the college .

N : National Heritage to the preserved .

D : During Good Deeds .

H : Harmonious Environment in the college .

I :  Inculcation of the dignity of labour


M: Motivation for social welfare .

A : Accountability towards to the society .

H: Hilarious Environment for the students .

I: Instill the ability and the capability in girls to face and overcome the vicissitudes of life.

L: Longevity of quality education .

A: Accessibility to principal, staff and resources .



M : Meaningful services to mankind .

A: Aiming at personality development .

H : Hectic effort to fight social evils like female foeticide .

A: Ambience of serenity .

V : Valuable teaching .

I: Injection moral and social values .

D: Dedication in life .

Y : Yardstick of higher education .

A : Assessment of the inner capabilities of students .

L: Learning experience through technology and modern means

A : Abilities .

Y : Yearning for quality education .

A : Ability to fight with social evils affecting the women .